Big Ben Tablets

Big Ben Tablet (with 60 tablets in a pack) is an adjuvant for maintaining the male hormones, promotes good blood circulation and generally enhances the sex life of an adult male. Big Ben Tablet is a combination of carefully selected herb extracts with enormous benefits essential for the general sexual health of men.


The main ingredients and their respective health benefits are: Ginseng root (combats weaknesses and gives extra energy); Saw Palmetto berry (has an aphrodisiac effect, positive effect on the digestive system, and the prostate gland); Hawthorn Berry (strengthens blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and aids in digestion); Ginkgo Biloba (enhances oxygen utilization; has an antioxidant effect reducing blood pressure); Catuaba Bark (makes sex more pleasurable, enhancing erectile strength); Cuscutaseed (improves digestion, combats impotence and urinary tract infections; and Epicedium Leaf (benefits kidneys, bones, muscles, and memory).

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